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Access to Affordable Health Care

A subcommittee of the work group that created the Access to Affordable Health Care recommendations has begun production of a Mental Health Service Options Matrix and will continue to concentrate specifically on Goal #1 which is to increase collaboration and integration of health care and social services, in order to improve older adult access.

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The Caregiver Resource Network’s (CRN’s) top priority is to increase the number of caregivers having access to and receiving appropriate caregiver information and support. To do so, it has identified and encouraged family caregivers to participate in the League of Experienced Family Caregivers, a national research project led by Dr. Rhonda Montgomery at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. As a result, 30 additional caregivers have signed up for the research project.

CRN is bringing Dr. Montgomery to Grand Rapids on September 22, 2006 to speak to providers and practitioners, with statewide participation, at the Eberhard Center at 8:00 am. Registrations are by email to Dr. Montgomery will meet separately with the Agency supporting partners to outline the next steps of research.

The Physician Outreach Project has been expanded from 17 doctors (offices) to its goal for 2006 with 25 participating Kent County doctors (offices) and with one rural county – Montcalm - enlisting five doctors (offices). This outreach links doctors’ offices with caregiver information.

CRN provided a letter of support to the AAAWM/Senior Resources/HHS proposal to act as a demonstration Single Point of Entry for Long Term Care services, primarily those funded by Medicaid. The proposal was granted; advocacy and collaboration with the funded entity wil be developed.

A Media Plan has been developed, with a media sub-committee ongoing. Its main project is a Caregiver Supplemental, minimum four pages, to be in the Grand Rapids Press on November 5th highlighting Care Giving and Caregivers. CRN member organizations have so far pledged over $9,000 in ad support to make this a reality.

The Annual Caregiver Appreciation Luncheon will be held at Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park on November 2, 2006 to “Spotlight and Celebrate National Family Caregiver Month”. CRN expects to reach 130 – 140 caregivers with this event.

Other CRN information, including a monthly calendar of events, is at